Web & design

In 2012 I created my first website with WordPress for a non-profit I helped cofound. Shortly thereafter I transitioned from social work to web design. Since then, I've leveraged various content management systems to drive business sales, increase time on site and create beautiful websites for a variety of causes; education, social justice, non-profit, mental health awareness and community.


CMS: Wordpress, Sitecore, Schoolwires/Centricity, Squarespace

Code: HTML5 + CSS3

Adobe CC: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Lightroom

Analytics: Google Analytics, Omnivore, Tableau

Marketing: SEO


1. Can convert concepts to reality from mockup to working HTML/CSS

2. Building marketing landing pages

3. Digital content management, production + rich media asset creation

4. Use of web & marketing metrics to gauge trends, evaluate content, and drive decisions

5. Leadership


  1. Corporate: Grand Circle Corporation, Web Content Manager
  2. Education: The Boston Public Schools wanted a one-stop-shop of resources for community members and teachers to educate about the History of Boston Busing and Desegregation.
  3. Education: I also updated the Boston Public Schools academic department's website to reflect the diversity of programming, easier curriculum access and a better user experience.
  4. Mental Health Awareness: While a family mourned the loss of their young son by suicide, a group of strangers began fundraising to make a documentary about his life and to reduce depression-related stigma. I created DoItForDaniel.com to further their cause and to help pool funding for the documentary and a memorial scholarship.
  5. Social Justice: A pregnant Michigan woman in a same-sex relationship was fired from her teaching position at a Catholic High School. People from around the world were ignited by her battle for justice. I created StandWithBarb.com to organize the influx of media coverage.
  6. Social Justice: A Somerville, Massachusetts resident wanted to minimize food insecurity for public school kids by creating a weekend backpack food program. I created a website to help him source funding and volunteers.
  7. Non-Profit: TRACK: Traveling Art Cards for Kids is an intervention-based program that leverages art to teach prosocial skills to marginalized youth in protective services and low-income families. 


Education: History of Boston Busing & Desegregation

Education: Boston Public Schools Academics Department

Mental Health Awareness: DoItForDaniel.com

Social Justice: StandWithBarb.com

Non-profit: TravelingArtCards.com

Social Justice: The Somerville Backpack Program

Community: The Artisan's Asylum (photo contributions)


Community: Virtual Baby Shower for Foster Parents

Non-Profit: The Neighborhood Children's Foundation

Non-Profit: The Beautiful Stuff Project

Ecommerce: TinkerLab