Jenna Alderton - SKills & Work

Key competencies:

1.    Multi-faceted skillset:I switched careers from social work to web development & design 7 years ago. My work with crisis-driven environments and my technical expertise enable me to simultaneously manage multiple tasks with varied complexities.

2.    Web & Digital Content Management: Well-versed in enterprise-level content management systems (Sitecore, Centricity & Wordpress, some Drupal & Dreamweaver) on multiple, high-traffic websites.  

3.    Leader/Trainer: Extensive experience shaping teams & individuals, developing & executing training modules, cross-channel collaboration with copy, creative, brand & product marketing.

4.    Subject matter expert & point of contact for internal stakeholders on web & content-related questions in corporate environment, solid understanding of web best practice & using marketing metrics to gauge trends, evaluate content & drive decisions.

5.    Digital production: building marketing landing pages w/HTML & CSS, enforcing style & branding guidelines, content creation, site migration & general content updates to external sites.


1.    Content Management Systems: Sitecore, WordPress, Schoolwires/Centricity, Squarespace & some Drupal & Dreamweaver

2.    Adobe CC: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, Dreamweaver

3.    Analytics & Marketing: SEO, Google Analytics, Omnivore, Tableau

4.    Code: HTML5 + CSS3, Basic Front End Web Development

5.    Digital Asset Management: Marketer’s Studio, Plan System, Intro to Workgroups

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